Hunting and Fishing


The River Najerilla and its branches are particularly popular among trout fishers. The brown trout is a species that much prefers the purity and temperature of the water in these rivers.

Besides, the rivers of this region make one of the richest European regions in indigenous trout. To protect and keep these rivers safe, several points of catch and release fishing have been established.


The region of Las 7 Villas offers some optimal conditions for hunting, with a great variety of species to hunt. The Regional hunting reserve of La Rioja encompasses Canales, Mansilla, Villavelayo, Ventrosa, the two Viniegras and part of Brieva. There are also some preserves in Brieva and Anguiano.

There are 21 hunting ranges with frequent drives for wild boars, red deer, deer and roe deer. These two species were endangered in the past, but since then their population has been stabilized. The population of red deer has experienced an important growth in the past and many gold medals had been won by their hunt.

Small game hunt centers around species like dove, partridge, rabbit, hare, woodcock or fox.

Fotografía: Carlos Zaldivar

Fotografía: Carlos Zaldivar