Viniegra de Abajo

There are many remnants of the indianos in this beautiful village 70km away from Logroño. The stately homes, by the road, make a nice contrast with the masonry buildings of the stockbreeders, simpler but just as beautiful.

Its distribution along the river Urbión, born in a natural lake in Sierra de Urbión and a branch of the river Najerilla, makes the town a nice space for walking through its stone-paved streets, splattered with orchards and stone benches. The meadow by the river offers an incomparable walk.

The history of the village is fascinating. The discovery of tombs and a Visigothic stela prove how ancient this place, previously known as Lutia in Roman ages, really is.

Stockbreeding, especially the wool-bearing and bovine kind, is its main resource at present, together with the forest exploitation of poplar groves and pine forest. Its mountains are rich in mushroom species.

From its artistic patrimony, the parochial church of La Asunción stands out: a solid building of reddish stone. The chapels of Soledad, San Millán and Santiago are also of interest. It was in the chapel of Santiago where the document for the creation of the Confederation of the Five Villages and the Valley of Canales was signed. The current statutes of Coletivo de las 7 Villas-Alto Najerilla were also signed here.

The “Sierra Sonora” music festival, a series of concerts and other artistic disciplines, is held four times a year – once per season – since 2019.

Los Pueblos más Bonitos de España

Most Beautiful Village in Spain since 2019.

Diploma Viniegra de Abajo